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Unveil Greece: Tour the Land of Gods

last update: 14 Dec 2023

Discover Greece while Playing

Buy, Expand, Conquer

Unveil Greece: Tour the Land of Gods. A thrilling management simulation game! Dive into a world where you oversee rooms bustling with activity as visitors are processed for exciting rewards, including both money and satisfaction.

This version includes:

  • Maps inspired by Greek Mythology and History
  • Upgradable businesses
  • Leaderboard
  • Available for Smartphones and Tablets

More features will be available soon. 

Unveil Greece is developed by Tamasenco & SimpleApps

under the Project name «Ανάπτυξη καινοτόμων τεχνολογιών και νέα γενιάς ψηφιακών εφαρμογών στον τουρισμό και πολιτισμό» (Development of innovative technologies and new generation of digital applications in tourism and culture).
«Co‐financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call "ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΤΙΚΟΙ ΣΧΗΜΑΤΙΣΜΟΙ ΚΑΙΝΟΤΟΜΙΑΣ / ΣΣΚ - 2Η ΠΡΟΣΚΛΗΣΗ: ΕΠΙΧΕΙΡΗΣΕΙΣ" (project code:ΓΓ2CL-0348070)»
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